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My mission is to create clothing that makes people feel beautiful while keeping our planet beautiful.

AW Collection

Brittney Jeanne Collections


Spring/ Summer 2018

Inspired by my family in the Azores and the love for their nature. All of the textiles are naturally dyed and are natural fibers. The goal of this collection is to honor nature while modernizing traditional craft.

A Collection of textile exploration

This section shows my exploration of textile development through eco dyeing, flower pounding, embroidery, free form quilting, and much more.

Spring/ Summer 2018

This collection was inspired by the practice of self healing through crystals. It expresses a spirtual feeling through the layering of transparencies and color.

Pre-Fall 2016

This collection explores personal growth alongside of natural growth. It is a version of nature versus nurture. It uses playful nature motifs and mixes youthful with mature silhouettes. 

Spring/Summer 2016

This collection was inspired by the Magic Gardens in Philadelphia, PA. I used my images of my own memories and collaged them for motif ideas and I also looked toward the mosaic work for inspiration of silhouette.

© 2018 by Brittney Jeanne. 

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